Terms & Conditions

Hirers: Signing the Venue Hire Contract signifies you have read and ensured you understand and agree to these conditions.

Venue Booking

The Venue Hire Contract must be completed prior to the hiring of the hall, with these conditions forming part of that agreement.

The Bridge Hub reserves the right to accept or decline any booking.

A Bond may be requested for use of the venue or for full weekend or multi-day bookings. This Bond will be refunded when the venue is left in a clean and tidy condition, and free of damage.

Booking cancellations must be notified at the earliest opportunity.

The hirer should ensure their equipment has insurance cover; if not any loss of goods, cash or personal belongings is the responsibility of the Hirer.

The Hirer will utilise the venue only for the purpose agreed in the hire agreement. Premises are not to be used in an illegal or offensive manner.

The venue will only be used on the dates, and between the times, stipulated on the Booking Form.

The hirer will book for the whole time intended for the use of the space, including any set-up & pack-up time as required.

New hirers must come into the facility and complete an induction in person, prior to their first booking. This includes but is not limited to: emergency exits & procedures, first aid, cleaning, AV and equipment, opening and closing the building, and any extra requirements relating to the booking.

Hall/Wellness Room/Gallery use

The venue is a ‘’No Smoking/Vaping’’ area. A licence must be obtained if alcohol is to be sold.  The Hirer is liable for damage done to the venue by the Hirer or members of their party. The Hirer must leave the rented area of the venue used by the Hirer in a clean and tidy condition as it was at the beginning of the hire period. This includes leaving floors, tables, toilet and kitchenette in a clean and acceptable state.

Cleaning equipment is stored in the kitchenette and labelled cupboards in the hall for the use of the Hirer. The Hirer will supply their own rubbish bags which must be disposed of by the Hirer.

Security during the hire period is the sole responsibility of the Hirer.

The Hirer will ensure that there will be no activities that unreasonably interfere with the safety, peace, comfort, and convenience of any person in the vicinity of the venue. This includes when people are arriving or departing the venue. The rear hall doors and Emergency Exit doors must always remain closed to mitigate noise for properties directly adjacent to the car park.

The car park is to be used for parking only. Children should not be unattended in the car park. The front courtyard area is for outdoor seating and may be used as part of the hire space. This must be left tidy and rubbish-free.

The Hirer will ensure that people only use the agreed areas of the venue and no other parts of the property such as playgrounds etc. 

The Hirer will not create or allow any hazard to be created on the premises and will immediately take all necessary action to control any hazards arising from their occupancy.

Preparation of the hall for all functions, including the setting out of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the Hirer. All chairs, tables and other equipment brought into the Hall from outside must be suitably protected to prevent damage to the floor surface.

Posters, bills, or stickers must not be affixed to any part of the property, nor may they be displayed within the grounds or building unless prior arrangement has been made with The Bridge Hub.

Nails, screws, staples, Sellotape, brown plastic tape, or any other means of fixing that may cause damage are not to be used on any part of the property including flooring.

Before vacating the premises ensure all exit doors and windows are closed and locked.

Check the venue to ensure no person remains on the premises, and that all lights, heaters, fans, or any other electrical items are switched off.

Keys are to be returned to the Facility Manager contact as instructed when the Agreement is confirmed. 

Alarms, if present, may need to be reset when the venue is vacated.

In the event of the Hirer committing a breach of any of the foregoing provisions, The Bridge Hub shall have the right to terminate the agreement.

Health and Safety

The hazards regarding the venue and its surroundings are identified in the attached Venue Hire Hazard Register. Signing this agreement is an acknowledgement that the Hirer is aware of the hazards and controls on this Register.

All Groups hiring the venue are to identify a person who will act as an Emergency/Fire Warden. The Facility Manager from The Bridge Hub will induct that person to The Bridge Hub’s Warden Training document before the venue is used.

The number of Wardens should be appropriate to the number and type of attendees.

The Warden will check the venue before and during its use to ensure exits are accessible.

The Hirer is to inform The Bridge Hub Facility manager of any hazards or incidents they become aware of so any hazards may be addressed.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

An invoice for your fee will be sent via email. Full payment is due no later than a week before your booking. Bonds and Deposits are due upon confirmation of your booking.

For large events (60-100+ People) and events that are serving food and alcohol, we require a $500 bond – a cleaning fee of $185 will be deducted from this post-event and the rest will be refunded once the space has been checked and cleared for any damages.

With Cancellations, we try to be as flexible as possible and will rebook alternative dates where we can. For full weekend bookings or multi-day bookings, you must let us know as early as possible if you are going to cancel. We will need a 50% deposit to secure the dates for you. This is non-refundable within 7 days of your booking date and will be taken off the remaining total when billed.

By clicking the checkbox and requesting a booking, we accept and agree that these Venue Hire Terms and Conditions will apply to the Hirer’s hire of the Venue.