The Bridge Hub

By the community for the community.

Co-creating a vibrant local space for all to connect.

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Providing space for activities,
kai, conversation,
learning and growing.

Our Values


Helping people to connect and contributing to a sense of belonging in our community. We understand that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships and by bringing people together through hospitality and community events we create space for this to happen. 


We value human diversity and seek to make our space accessible to all. We seek to build a resilient community that is aware and respectful of each other’s needs. We envision a community that knows how they can contribute to one another and explores exciting new ways to collaborate. 


We aim to support the wellbeing of individuals and our community. We pride ourselves in fostering an environment that is safe, empathetic and caters to the holistic needs of everyone. 

Lifelong Learning

Everyone has something to contribute and we can learn off each other. We believe that the acquisition of new ideas, skills, and practices is an experience best shared. We endeavour to regularly host workshops and seminars where people can meet together to develop their skill sets.  

Caring & respectful relationships

Creating a culture of care and respect through inclusivity. We are committed to creating a space where the diverse voices of South Brighton and the wider community, can be shared and heard. We believe that every voice is significant, and worthy of space and consideration. 


Working in ways that contribute to a sustainable organisation and community. The best path ahead is a path that honours sustainability. In all of our work we seek to utilise our resources in a mindful and respectful way. It is important to us that our long-term plans address and support the longevity of our practices and relationships. 

Te Taiwhanga – The Art Gallery

Welcome to The Bridge Hub Community Art Gallery space. Here, we offer a dynamic space for local artists to showcase their work, free of charge, on a monthly basis. We believe in supporting our artists, which is why we only take a 20% commission on art pieces sold.
Connect, create, and celebrate art with us. 
Check out our current exhibiting artist for this month on the Art Gallery Page.


Help us to keep the Bridge Hub going!

Every donation aids us in upholding our vision of providing affordable, accessible, and meaningful events and experiences for our community. Help us continue in our work and service as we make the most of this beautiful community hub.