Sweet treat close to the beach? See blackboard for our daily special!

Breaky Board- poached egg on toast w/ beetroot chutney, granola & glass of OJ


Granola- house made w/ maple, dried fruits, seeds & nuts. Served w/ fresh fruit & yoghurt


Eggs on Toast – free range poached, scrambled or fried eggs on toast w/ house relish


Herby Scram – free range scrambled eggs, w/ garden herbs & red onion on house made toast


Mushrooms – Creamy mushrooms w/ fresh herbs on toast


Huevos Rancheros- free range eggs poached in chipotle tomatoes w/ coriander, feta, sour cream & avocado w/ a tortilla

+ Chorizo $5

The Dune Bene – free range poached eggs, on house made crispy hash or ciabatta w/ hollandaise & wilted greens

+ mushroom $5
+ bacon $5
+ salmon $6

The Big Kahuna – free range eggs your way on wholegrain toast, bacon, grilled tomato, house made hash, mushrooms, bratwurst sausages & dune ketchup


South B Vege – free range eggs your way on wholegrain toast w/ grilled halloumi, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, house made falafel, crispy hash & dune ketchup


The Beached Vegan – scrambled tofu w/ garden herbs, avocado, falafel, tomato, mushrooms, spinach and wholegrain toast


Fries- W/ ketchup & aioli


+bacon $6    +mushrooms $6    +hash $6    +sausages $6    +avocado $6    +hollandaise $2    +salmon $7    +spinach $4    +toast $4